Mehmet Shop | Emin Pasha Hotel

Mehmet was one of the many names of our namesake Emin Pasha. It seemed only fitting to name our gift shop after him. The shop is stocked with a wide range of crafts, antiques, clothing, accessories, Africana & fine art.

Our selection of Kikoiyi fabrics in pastel shades of turquoise, soft pinks & verdant tropical greens are evocative of the magic of the mystical East African coast. Enliven your wardrobe: you will find vibrantly printed ladies wear tailored by local designers Renzioni using screen printed 100% cotton Kitenge fabric in both formal evening wear and casual styles. A selection of exotic costume jewelry completes the look: Brass, oversized beads in ochre, burnt orange and aquamarine. There is even something for the men; spice up your wardrobe with a trendy gold embroidered T-Shirt or a vivid hand dyed embossed linen shirt, complete with mandarin collar and intricate stitching.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! We have it all: Hand crafted carry bags by Layla Shaw; a marriage made in heaven of leather, polished Ankole cow horn and dyed cotton. Clutch bags, purses and wallets in varying combinations of bark cloth, canvas and oil paints by local artist and designer Waswad. Woolen products made using Angora Goats wool imported from Peru by 4 Africa, an aid organization that aims to improve the living conditions of women living with Aids and HIV; fashion with a cause. Renzioni produce an amazing selection of ladies shoes from high heeled stiletto's to flats in colorful Kitenge. The shop also stocks a wide selection of locally produced bangles, bracelets, necklaces and the like made from natural fibers, recycled paper and burnished Ankole cow horn.

Let's not forget the artwork: we deal in a diverse range of tribal carvings, masks, fertility charms, memory boards, hunting bags and fierce Crocodilian jewelry boxes representative of the customs and cultures of The Hemba, Pende, Luba and Chokwe tribes. We also act as a gallery and selling point for a number of talented Ugandan artists: vividly captured city and landscapes in oil by Edson Mugalu, charming sketches of Turkana, Masai and Karamajong pastoralists in pen, pencil Kantu Michael and quirky woodcuts by Mutebi Fred amongst others.

So, if you're in the neighborhood; or staying in the hotel please pay Mehmet's a visit, our friendly and informed shop attendants are always glad to help you in your search for that little special something.